Wholesale Challenge Coins

Wholesale Challenge Coins are made throughout the world and in different qualities and materials.  Clovis Challenge Coins offers wholesale prices from the most excellent factories in the world.
When we work with our clients, we take on the project from the beginning to the end, paying close attention to details.  Our graphic designer consults with the clients on the phone, in person or via email to take the concept and any drafts of the images that the coin is to be made from, and will refine those concepts for no additional charge to the design.  Our graphic designers are world renown artists and have worked on marketing teams that have placed projects and concepts in fortune 500 sales floors and galleries world wide.

Contact Clovis Coin if you have any questions, or if you would like to get started.  Our price guide is online at;  www.ClovisCoin.com   No hidden fees, all of our prices are available to the public, plus free shipping and free design of your order.